ADAM: Work-in-Progress Presentation at ITFS

March 28, 2024

Save the Date: On April 27, 2024, writer-director Ron Segal and producer Esther Friedrich present a work-in-progress case study of our feature animation project ADAM at the International Festival of Animated Film in Stuttgart .

ADAM is an animated feature project about an Israeli novelist and Holocaust survivor who is confronted with the onset of dementia, as he tries to put the memories of his late wife Bella in writing, with all its beauty and pain. The upcoming ITFS case study will provide a glimpse into the process of developing the script and the visual style, from early concepts through look-finding to the making of a pre-teaser and storyboarding. Segal and Friedrich will also discuss the long road of financing as a European co-production and the challenges of distribution for this type of animated film, especially in the German-speaking territories. Followed by a Q & A.

Head on over to the ITFS website for further details and tickets or accreditations.