2D Animation, Drama

directed by:
Ron Segal
written by:
Ron Segal
based on:
The novel "Adin" (Jeder Tag wie heute, Wallstein 2014) by Ron Segal
English, Hebrew
Germany, France
running time:
90 mins.


Approaching the tenth decade of his life, renowned Israeli writer and Holocaust survivor Adam Schumacher suffers from the onset of dementia. The troubling events of his past become a blur and with them the memory of his beloved wife, Bella, a gifted harpist who died some years ago. Aware of his nearing end, Adam has but one mission to complete: To breathe life into the love story of his wife and his, with all its beauty and pain, before it is forever lost.


Produced by:
Alexander Weimer, Esther Friedrich
Art Director:
Tomer Hanuka
With the support of:
BKM German Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media