Drama, 2024

directed by:
Hans Henschel
written by:
Hans Henschel & Christoph A. Klimke
running time:
83 mins.
Ali Berber
Amal Keller
Manolo Bertling
Ute Lubosch
Gabija Siurbyte


When David (36) hears the news that his friend Andreas (40) took his life, the days of their once close friendship have long been a thing of the past. They hardly knew each other anymore. And yet, David can't shake off the feeling of guilt over the suicide of his once best friend. David travels back home to the tiny small town near the German-Polish border where they both grew up, but what was originally planned to be a short visit to attend the funeral service, turns into a journey into a fractured past. When the deceased Andreas suddenly appears as a ghost that only he can see, David initially attempts to shake off the apparition, but the ghost turns out to be as persistent as the question why Andreas took his own life, and even more so, what keeps him still in this world and whether David had a role in this.


Produced by:
Esther Friedrich, Alexander Weimer
Bastian Esser
Kai Eiermann
Production Design:
Kathrin Meier
Costume Design:
Ragna Hemmersbach
Music by:
Angela Boutros, Basilius Alawad
Sound Supervisor:
Justus Wirth
Sound Design:
Giulio Conversi
Production Sound Mixer:
Elias Hamman
Karl Schirnhofer
Production Managers:
Aurelia Pisana, Vivian Köneke
Commissioning Editor (rbb):
Verena Veihl
With the support of:
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

Screenings, Honors & Awards

Official Selection 45th Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis - Competition
Official Selection 20th Achtung Berlin Filmfestival
Official Selection 21st Neisse Fimfestival - Competition