Comedy Drama, 2008

directed by:
Alex Weimer
written by:
Alex Weimer
original title:
running time:
93 mins.
Daniel Frantisek Kamen
Brigitte Zeh
Stephan A. Tölle
Matthias Dittmer
Stephanie C. Koetz


Synopsis: IMPURITY is a tragicomic story about three people who have to learn that in life there is no such thing as a dead-end. Lars, a successful ad designer from Berlin, is fed up with his life. He burns all his bridges and sets out on a journey without telling anyone. His escape leads him to the venue of his childhood, a small town he has left some fifteen years ago, never looking back. It’s this sleepy place where he meets Peter, former classmate turned country singer who hangs on to memories of more successful times and refuses to realize that his career plans have failed a long time ago. But in Lars Peter believes to have found just the right person to help him boost his music career. Lars however shows more interest in Claudia, his secret school crush, who has been stuck in the small town for years. Being a single mother she struggles with an underpaid job while her boss Andreas dreams of hitting the jackpot with his town marketing project. Thanks to Claudia, Lars slowly begins to take to the rural idyll. When Peter invites both of them to a local karaoke bar Lars and Claudia are getting closer. But Lars can’t keep up deceiving himself forever without realizing that he might hang on to an illusion – just like Peter does.


Produced by:
Esther Friedrich, Christian Heßdörfer, Matthias Gehret
Executive Producer:
Alex Weimer
Xiaosu Han
Veronika Hettich, Alex Weimer
Adrian Sieber
Production Design:
Milena Rutschmann
Costume Design:
Nicole Scheiner
Sound Design:
Frédéric Gerth
In co-production with:
NAD Production