Sci-fi Comedy, 2012

directed by:
Marta Masferrer
written by:
Raven Burnett
USA, Germany
running time:
15 mins.
Zenon Zeleniuch
Wray Crawford
Melissa D. Brown
Tina Balthazar


For farmer Earl McKnutt, life is pretty predictable. You wake up when its light; you go to sleep when its dark and in between you do the chores. If you’re lucky, nothing ever changes. Earl’s predictable life takes an unpredictable turn when a mysterious object crash-lands in his backyard. Together with his estranged and childlike brother Joel, the two go to investigate and in short order find themselves sifting through the remains of an exploded cow, fending off government agents and ultimately discovering the secret behind the mysterious object that has formed an enormous crater in their backyard. By the end of the night, Earl realizes that maybe a little mystery can be a good thing and a little adventure can keep you young at heart.


Produced by:
Alex Weimer, Esther Friedrich, Marta Masferrer
Executive Producer:
Marianne Walzer
Paul Knaus, Chelsea Kujawa, Violet Lally
Xiaosu Han & Andreas Thalhammer
Production Design:
Marcus LaPorte
Marta Masferrer
Adrian Sieber
VFX Supervisor:
Moritz Bock
Sound Design:
Matthias Husemann
Vicky Boone
In co-production with:

Screenings, Honors & Awards

Winner Best Film @ Columbia University Film Festival
Prädikat: Besonders Wertvoll @ FBW Deutsche Film- & Medienbewertung
Winner Best Screenplay @ Porto7 Int'l Short Film Festival
Winner Best Cinematography @ HollyShorts Film Festival
Winner Special HollyShorts-NociCinema Award @ NociCortin Festival
Winner Audience Award @ Cortópolis Int'l Short Film Festival
Winner 3rd Place Student Competition @ Fort Lauderdale Int'l Film Festival
Winner Jury Prize for Excellence @ Boston Sci-Fi Film Fest
Winner Best Sci-Fi/Horror Audience Award @ Love Your Shorts Film Festival
Cannes Short Film Corner
Huesca International Film Festival
Jerry Goldsmith Awards
Imagine Science Film Festival
Bangkok International Student Film Festival
Fandana Film Festival
Malta International Short Film Festival
DC Shorts
BuSho Budapest Short Int'l Film Festival
Heartland Film Festival
LA Femme International Film Festival
Hof International Film Festival
Molodist International Film Festival
Austin Film Society Showcase @ SXSW
Landshut Short Film Festival
International Film Festival Würzburg
Maremetraggio Film Festival
Nocturna Int'l Fantasy Film Festival
Open Air Film Festival Weiterstadt


Behind the Scenes